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    Tackling a Racial Gap in Breast Cancer Survival

    Tackling a Racial Gap in Breast Cancer Survival

    MEMPHIS — After her doctor told her two months ago that she had breast cancer, Debrah Reid, a 58-year-old dance teacher, drove straight to a funeral home. She began planning a burial with the funeral director and his wife, even requesting a pink coffin.

    Sensing something was amiss, the funeral director, Edmund Ford, paused. “Who is this for?” he asked. Ms. Reid replied quietly, “It’s for me.”

    Aghast, Mr. Ford’s wife, Myrna, quickly put a stop to the purchase. “Get on out of here,” she said, urging Ms. Reid to return to her doctor and seek treatment. Despondent, Ms. Reid instead headed to her church to talk to her pastor.

    READ THE REST AT THE SOURCE LINK: www.nytimes.com/2013/12/20/health/tackling-a-racial-gap-in-breast-cancer-survival.html?_r=0

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